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Aging Album

Aging Album


Category : Lifestyle

Sub-Category : Other

App Updated Date : 8/30/2012

Price : Free

Seller : FInger Fantasy Studio

Viewed : 289

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Description :
Aging Album is NOW coming at your fingertips! Want to pre-know your old face in future? Want to talk to an "old man" like Talking Tom Cat? With your Android device, you can see what you will look when getting old. Funny? Maybe, but a little bit scaring; ridiculous? Somewhat realistic!. Ready? Take your device, and come with me to see the future! Aging Album is a funny yet scaring, maybe somewhat realist aging machine. With it, you can easily see your face when you’re getting old. Most magically, speaking to your old face, you can hear it back with a really special voice.Highlights: * Auto-cropping using face detection * No network is needed for the transformation process * Scroll-able results between the aged photo and the initial one * Share the aging image(s) or comparison image(s) via any way you like * Animation of face * Talk to the future yourself, and the words can be completely repeated with a special voice Features * Works with photos taken with your Android device camera or from your photo gallery * Automatic face detection * Entertainment even without network * Image cutting * Scrolling album to see comparison images * Save results to your photo gallery * Share images with your friends * Download comparison image * Animation of blinking * Animation of closing and opening mouth * Effects of eyelid ptosis and dermatolysis * Voice repetition which enables you to speak to future yourself, and the words can be completely repeated with a special voice Requirements for images participated * Front face only! * No profile * No hair covering the forehead Warning: • Aging Album is a funny entertainment application and does not guarantee any resemblance to the real aging process • Aging Album works best with people between the ages of 15 and 60

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